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Frozen Fresh Peaches for Smoothies

The Calhoun County peaches are here!  Our family enjoys peaches as a sweet summer treat.  There are a few peach sellers at the Farmer’s Market, so it was quite easy to pick up a half of a bushel and bring … Continue reading

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Blackberry Jelly

Last week Olivia and I juiced several gallons of blackberries.  We were able to collect 4 and ½ quarts of juice.  Now we are ready to take the juice and use it to make yummy jelly.   Blackberry Jelly Recipe: … Continue reading

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Green Bean Pickin’ Time

It’s hot and humid in early July in Missouri and that means it is time to harvest the green beans.  We started our first harvest from 2 beds today. We picked and snapped for several hours and were pleased to … Continue reading

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Monday Night Surprise With Potatoes And Chives!

Our son, Theodore, sailed through the kitchen this afternoon, sniffing the air.  “What’s for dinner Mom?” he inquired.  Now, I get this question every day, multiple times a day.  Today, I had no answer.  I quickly told him dinner was … Continue reading

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Homemade Hummus – A Great Snacking Dip

Several years ago, when my husband and I were having lunch at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, I ordered hummus dip to go with my chips instead of salsa.  I was instantly hooked!  I love the unique texture and hearty flavor … Continue reading

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No Bean Turkey Burger Chili

Our family is trying to add more anti-inflammatory foods to our diet.  Beans, unless you soak them, are quite inflammatory to the digestive system.  When you think of chili, kidney beans are at the top of the list for a … Continue reading

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