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I'm a homeschooled teenager and live on a "mini farm" with my wonderful Dad, Mom and three younger siblings. I love to create things. My main hobbies are crocheting, gardening, baking and taking walks in the woods. I am not your average girl, I'm a country girl. I love to drive and crank up some bluegrass in my dusty car.

Tomato Juice

We finally have tomatoes! Because of the weather, we have not had a good supply of tomatoes until now. We have tomatoes pilling up on the counter! I didn’t have time to can the tomatoes so we decided to run … Continue reading

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Steam Juicing Blackberries

Have you ever used a steam juicer?  I never even heard of this handy kitchen tool until our friends told us how helpful the juicer can be during canning season.   The steam juicer is so easy to use and is … Continue reading

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Homemade Healthy Corn Dogs

Our kids love corn dogs.  I rarely buy them because the breading for the hot dogs is full of preservatives, dyes and oils I do not want the kids to consume.  Olivia is our creative cook, and she found a … Continue reading

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Worms and Boys at the Farmer’s Market

This picture shows Gideon and Theo holding bags of worm castings.  The boys sell the castings at the Farmer’s Market with great gusto!  Gideon is the friendly salesman and tells all the customers about the advantages of using worm castings … Continue reading

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Yummy Greens

Our garden has produced several rounds of mustard greens and arugula.  The family has sold several bags at the Farmer’s Market.  This week the weather has topped 90 degrees and I think the greens have run their course.  I was … Continue reading

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Jumbo Blueberry Muffins

Since we have been doing the farmers market for a couple weeks now we are starting to learn what sells and was doesn’t sell. We sell three types of jumbo muffins, but we have found that blueberry muffins sell the … Continue reading

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