Worms and Boys at the Farmer’s Market

IMG_3388This picture shows Gideon and Theo holding bags of worm castings.  The boys sell the castings at the Farmer’s Market with great gusto!  Gideon is the friendly salesman and tells all the customers about the advantages of using worm castings in your garden.  Theo is the inventory man.  He checks off goods sold.  They make a great team.


The night before the market, Dad and the boys collect the castings and bag them in gallon bags.  The boys are responsible to label the bags. The boys also help get our truck packed with the canopy, coolers and chairs.  It takes the whole family to make a successful market day.


The boys are learning all kinds of great skills that will prepare them for future business ventures.  After 3 months of going to the market, they are beginning to understand how hard it is to make a buck! There are over 50 vendors at our market and there is great temptation to spend their profit at other vendors, buying toys or goodies to eat. They have learned to be prepared and some organization skills by using inventory sheets for our different products.  Most of all, they have learned to rise EARLY, work hard, and enjoy the satisfaction of selling a needed product that enriches someone’s life.


The Farmer’s Market has been a great opportunity to teach our kids life skills while having fun.  Have you ever participated in a family business that helped teach your children valuable skills?


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