Cayuga Ducks

Cayuga Duckling

Emma began raising five Cayuga ducks these last several days that we got from our friends the Traynor’s.   She had been looking to raise some pets after we gave our pet guinea pig “Rosie” to some friends.  Ducks were her first choice and a good addition to the rebuilding of our homestead farm animals.

Cayuga’s, pronounced kahy-yoo-guh, are totally black as ducklings and have beautiful black and dark green feathers as adults.  We have really enjoyed watching the duckling’s playful eating habits and antics in our brooder tank.  The kids are getting a big kick out of seeing them go back and forth from feeder to waterer and hearing them slurping up the water.  They are quite messy, though.

Cayuga’s do not fly and are great foragers clearing out bugs and insects in the yard and garden.  They also like to stay close to home making them an excellent farm helper using permaculture methods.  We’re hoping they’ll clear out some of the ticks around the yard.  The ticks are really bad this year.

Popularized from the Cayuga Lake area of New York State, these ducks are quiet, calm and have a docile temperament, making them a good pet for Emma and the younger kids.  Emma has really loved taking care of them and watching them grow.  You might even find her favorite duckling “Bruce” sitting next to her while she does her school work on the computer

Have you ever raised Cayuga’s?  What are some of your favorite ducks?

Emma with Bruce

Cayuga ducklings slurping water

Cayuga Bruce with the others


Duckling brooder setup

I liked this picture


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