Hog Wrestling (a.k.a. Delivering Pig to Butcher)

Stripe the pig ready for butcher

This week we took the pig to the local processor to get butchered. What an ordeal it was.  First some background: “Stripe” the pig was born in April, we bought him as a feeder pig in June and we’re butchering him at about 8 months old.  Not having a scale, I don’t know his exact weight at delivery this week, but he probably weighed between 170 to 200 pounds.  Laura is looking forward to getting some good hams, roasts, sausage and bacon from good old Stripe.

Through the process of getting Stripe loaded for delivery, I have learned that having the right equipment is essential.  We hauled Stripe on our flatbed trailer in a small pen made from cattle panels.  It was quite difficult to maneuver Stripe out of his regular pen and up onto the trailer.  The entire family was involved in this hilarious dance to get Stripe loaded.  He was squealing and snorting at high decimals which frightened the boys and aroused curiosity by the neighbors I’m sure.

Getting ready to put Stripe on trailer

Eventually, I was able to hog wrestle Stripe up onto the trailer and into the pen.  What a show!  We have talked for days about this “event” and the kids will never forget it.  It’s one of those memory-makers we’ll be talking about for years to come.

If you haven’t experienced hog wrestling, you should try it sometime—or maybe not.  For those that haven’t raised a pig yet and delivered them to butcher, my best advice is either get the proper equipment or better yet, have the processor come to you.

What funny stories do you have about pig raising?

Larry Braley

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