Raising a New Batch of Layer Hens

We recently purchased a new batch of chicks to startup our layer flock again. When we first came to our place, we were heavy into raising layers and selling eggs. We got away from keeping chickens for a short time and are excited to get back into raising our own personal-use flock for farm fresh eggs. There’s nothing that beats farm fresh, free range eggs for health and great flavor.

This time, we mainly chose production reds for getting brown eggs. They are a hearty, good sized hen and lay well for the first few years, especially early on. We used to raise primarily barred rocks but they are a little slower to produce than the reds, although still a very winter hearty bird and a good layer.

Below are some pictures of our brooder setup using an old water tank and a few of our chicks. I’ll post more pictures as they continue to grow. I love chickens and like to just watch them as they grow and then do their work in the yard clearing bugs.


Brooder tank


Production Red chicks

Production Red chick on feeder

What kind of hens do you like to raise?

Larry Braley

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