Top 10 Games – Part 2


Qwirkle No. 1

Qwirkle was recommended to us by some friends.  Once we started playing, we were hooked.  It is simple, but strategic at the same time.  Both older and younger children really love it.  In fact, the younger children were beating us parents from the start–must be something in their uncluttered minds.

It is downright fun!  The only drawback is waiting for your turn. Everyone is very eager to make their move before the Qwirkle is taken by another player.  There was a time where we played it every night after dinner.

Here are some specifics about the game.

Skills they learn:  patience!, abstract thinking, strategic thinking

Object of game:  Strategically create and expand lines of color and shape in order to score most points.  Placing six shapes or colors in a row gets a Qwrikle, which is more points.

Players:  2 – 4

Ages:  6 and up (but I bet even your younger kids could play and learn from the shape matching aspect)

Designer:  Susan McKinley Ross

Publisher:  MindWare

Noteworthy comments:  2011 winner of the Spiel des Jahres prestigious game award.  It’s MindWare’s best-selling game of all time.

Check out the link in the blogroll to get more information on this game.

Part 3 of this post series will give specifics on Zooloretto, our current No. 2 game.

Has your family played Qwirkle?  What does your family think about it?

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