Top 10 Games – Part 5

Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm No. 4

Laura’s sister gave us this game, Life on the Farm, for Christmas in 2005. I think she found it at Tractor Supply. Our whole family loves this game. Our kids really enjoy role playing the ups and downs of farm life. We especially like the story of its creation by the Gohl and Johnson families and are always glad to support the efforts of our ingenious American farmers. Check out their story and the game here.

This game is easy to learn and set up. The full version of the game does take a little long and our younger kids’ loose interest after several rounds. We typically play the shorter version or cut it short whenever we want. They also have a preschool version.

Here are some of the specifics about the game.

Skills they learn: real farm life, life’s struggles, money skills

Object of game: The games object is to be the first to retire by building up a herd of milk cows. Player gain and lose money as they move throughout the game.

Players: 2 – 6 players

Ages: 6 and up

Creators and Designers: Keith and Lori Gohl, Ev and Erik Johnson

Publisher: We R. Fun, Inc.

Noteworthy comments: Several awards including Tillywig Toy Awards—Best Family Fun.

That’s it for this 5 part series of our favorite family games.  Have you ever had an idea for a game and did you make it?


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