Green Bean Pickin’ Time

green beans 7-6-13

green beans 7-6-13

It’s hot and humid in early July in Missouri and that means it is time to harvest the green beans.  We started our first harvest from 2 beds today. We picked and snapped for several hours and were pleased to have 3 gallons of fresh green beans at the end of the day!

Well….we had a fourth gallon, but we were so anxious to taste the garden produce that we steamed them all for lunch.  Yummy!  Our little boys like canned green beans the best, but I prefer steamed or stir-fried with almonds.  Every year we can and freeze our beans to cater to the families’ different tastes.

We still have one more bed to complete for the first picking.  There is a great satisfaction when the picking, snapping, cleaning and preserving is done.  I have a greater appreciation for my grandparents who ate all winter long from their summer canned produce.  It is hard work, but satisfying knowing we are eating healthy home-grown goodness.

What has Your hard work in the garden produced this year?

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