Hoop House Lettuce Update

Morgan County Seeds Lettuce Blend #1

Morgan County Seeds Lettuce Blend #1

It’s been five weeks since our great snowfall at the end of March and now we are in our rainy season.  The hoop house lettuce has taken off and we’ve started harvesting for the farmers market.   I’ve kept the hoop house cover on to protect the lettuce from hail and heavy rains, but I’ve opened up the ends to provide ventilation.

Hoop House Lettuce Beds

Hoop House Lettuce Beds

The lettuce in beds is Lettuce Blend #1 from Morgan County Seeds.  It includes a blend of Ruby Red, Oakleaf, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Paris White COS and Salad Bowl Red.  This blend is more of a tender leafy lettuce which is good for salads by itself or mixing with spinach.  We sold several quart and gallon bags of this lettuce at the farmers market this past weekend.

In the past, we’ve also grown Freckles and Black Seeded Simpson from Morgan County and the Rocky Top Lettuce mix from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  The Rocky Top mix has been one of our family favorite salad blends and one we’ll grow again.  But we decided to grow the Morgan County blend this year to try it for the farmers market.

What kind of lettuce do you like?

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