Rye Grass and Hairy Vetch Cover Crop Update

Rye and Vetch bed

Rye and Vetch bed

The cover crops this year have gone wild with all the rain and storms we’ve had this spring.  In fact, I’m writing this post just after another severe storm has hit our area with tornados touching down close by.  The picture above shows what happens when I plant too much hairy vetch in with the cereal rye cover crop bed—the heavy rains weigh down the dense vetch and knock down the tall rye grass. This most recent storm has knocked the crop down even more.  The good news is that this will provide a great amount of high nitrogen bio mass for the compost pile.  The bad news is I won’t be able harvest clean rye grass for straw out of this bed.

hairy vetch up close

hairy vetch up close

I planted this bed before I got the advice from Cindy Conner to be careful of planting too much vetch in with the rye grass.  You can check out my review of her great cover cropping video here where she talks about this caution.  It’s a good lesson learned for the future.

I end this post with our prayers going out to the folks in Oklahoma ravaged by the storms there.

How have your cover crops faired this spring?  Are you getting good results?

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