Tillage Radish Cover Crop Update Seven

lower tillage radish beds in early spring

lower tillage radish beds in early spring

I love it when a plan comes together.  This is my final update on the 2012/2013 Tillage Radish cover crop experiment.  With spring now in full swing, the radish beds are almost completely clear of the radishes except for a few remaining hollow radish bodies.  The decayed radishes have left behind large drainage holes and there are many small worm holes all over the beds from worms eating the decayed material.  As is normal in April, we’ve had a tremendous amount of rainfall already and these normally waterlogged beds are showing better signs of drainage thanks to the Tillage Radish and worm holes.

I’ll have to wait for these lower two beds to dry out more before planting, but I’ve already planted salad greens in one of the upper radish beds and the drainage and aeration has been excellent without tilling.  All I had to do was loosen up the top layer of soil with the garden fork to create a seed bed and plant the seeds—very easy.

tillage radish holes in early spring

tillage radish holes in early spring

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