Tillage Radish Cover Crop Update Four

Larger Tillage Radish bed 11-20-12

Here’s update number four in my Tillage Radish experiment this year.  The pictures below were taken last week.

We’ve had many nights in the low 30’s, high 20’s but still some fairly warm days and nights for this time of the year in east central Missouri.  The leaves of the radishes are starting to show signs of dying back due to the colder nights, and growth of the tubers has slowed although not completely stopped.

Large Tillage Radish tuber

I continue to be amazed in the size of the tubers in several of the plants.  These things are huge!   When the plants completely decompose, they are going to leave some very large aeration holes in their place.

Tillage Radish bed 11-20-12

If you’ve been following these updates, what do you think about these radishes so far?

Here are the past updates:

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