Favorite Homestead Hand Tools: The Scythe

I love using old-time country hand tools on our homestead. Many of these tools are easier and more productive to use than modern motorized tools. One of my favorite tools is the scythe which I purchased from The Marugg Company out of Tennessee. They craft an excellent snath (the shaft) and source several different types of scythes (the blades). The company has been making scythes for a very long time.

Mine has a curved hickory snath with a European style scythe. I use both a 20 inch bush blade and 24 inch grass blade. I usually just keep the bush blade on as it is a very versatile blade for cutting both grass and heavier brush. I use it all the time for cutting around fence lines and in the garden for various tasks like cutting cover crops and comfrey.

Curved snath scythe

Scythe with bush blade

It’s a pleasure to use. I especially like using it in the morning hearing the swoosh-swoosh-swoosh rhythm of the cutting while listening to the birds and wild life in the background. It the simple things in life that give us great joy!

It takes a little bit of time to get the hang of it but once you do, you’ll become a pro and use it for many of your farm tasks. When purchasing a scythe, you’ll also need to get a whetstone for routine sharping of the blade. I also recommend a peening jig for when the blade gets dull beyond what the whetstone can sharpen.

What is one of your favorite old-time hand tools?


Larry Braley

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