Fall Family Fun

Our church sponsored an afternoon of fun at the Prairie Edge Garden Center in Bowling  Green Missouri this past Sunday.  It was a warm, sunny day –just great for a hayride.


Family owned and operated, the Garden Center is a great example of a multiple-streams-of-income farming model as Larry likes to promote.  The Garden Center provides diversification to their standard crop farming operation and additional income especially given the drought this year where their corn and bean harvests were very poor.

The Garden Center offers several activities for the family.  Our kids enjoyed the hay bale maze and burying themselves in the stock tank full of corn seed.  This was Gideon’s favorite thing to do.

Gideon in the corn.

We all enjoyed winding our way through the corn maze.  Everyone immediately separated upon entering the maze to find his or her own way out.  The garden center provides their customers with a great little map that has questions about different topics.  The answers are on posts that are placed throughout the maze.  Larry and I did not find all the answers and if it weren’t for the girls and Gideon we would still be wandering around in the corn!!

After feeding the pigs and goats, we  were all ready to pick up our pumpkin and head home.  Each child received a pie–sized pumpkin.  The boys wasted no time and carved their pumpkins Sunday night.  Gideon decided to give his pumpkin only one eye.  Olivia chose to make a pie from her pumpkin.  Hopefully, we will have something yummy to eat while we listen to the last presidential debate tonight.

Theo and Gideon's pumpkins.

What is your favorite fall activity to do with your family?


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