Thanksgiving and Thriftiness

Well this week starts a lot of baking, shopping and yes, spending lots of cash on groceries.  We all have those favorite desserts we want at Thanksgiving or maybe that extra bottle of Welch’s sparkling white grape juice—my 8 year old seems to think he has his own personal bottle each year!  Before we know it, our merry-making has cost several hundred dollars.  How do we keep the cost down for our family feast, but not skip on all the yummy fun?

My biggest Internet help is found at Money Saving Mom.  Crystal Paine is a stay-at-home mom who started this wonderful website several years ago. Her Frugal Journey is an inspiring read. There are tons of great tips, coupons, menus and even Black Friday deals found on this site.  Each week I receive updated grocery store sale ads sent to my email.  This helps me plan my weekly shopping trip.  Check out her articles on Thrifty Thanksgivings at Money Saving

This year we are trying to keep our cost down by shopping the sales and buying in bulk.  Who doesn’t need lots of butter to bake with over the next month?  Aldi has butter on sale this week for $1.99 for a pound.  I bought a bunch and froze what I did not need right away.  My kiddos love mini-marsh mellows in their hot chocolate or we use a bag or two on Thanksgiving for candied sweet potatoes.  Aldi carries these also.  Shopping the sales along with coupons can really bring the cost to a manageable level and still provides all the treats we all love.

What ways have you used to be thrifty for Thanksgiving?

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