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Greetings from the Focused Learning Institute (aka the Braley homeschool). Larry and I have been home educating from over 13 years. We have graduated our eldest son James. He is completing his International Business degree from Thomas Edison State College facilitated through CollegePlus. Olivia, Emma, Gideon and Theodore continue to investigate God’s world and His story through home education.

In this post we want to share with you the incredible science book that Emma has been learning from. We mostly use the Apologia series for our children’s entire science curriculum. Apologia Educational Ministries publishes science text books for the elementary through high school levels.

Apologia presents scientific truths in a challenging and in-depth manner. The mom-friendly curriculum organizes the list of items needed for each experiment at the beginning of the text book. You can also purchase the experiment kits from Home Science Tools.

We bought all of our science kits for this school year from Home Science Tools. They are a one-stop-shop for all items needed for various science curriculum. We have also used Nature’s Workshop Plus! in the past as well. They too are a very good source for science items.

This year Emma has been working through “Exploring Creation With Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day” by Jennie Fulbright. She has enjoyed learning about bears, dingoes, jackals, lions, tigers, primates, rodents and many more. Emma journals in her science notebook after each lesson. Currently, she finished a fascinating chapter on primates.

Each lesson asks the student to “map” the location of the animals being studied. Emma especially enjoys this project. The picture below shows Emma and the primate brochure she made as an advertisement for an African safari.

Emma Apologia Zoology 3 Primates Project

What science curriculum have you used?

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