Tomato Harvest: Thunder-and-Lightening recipe

Tomato harvest

It’s been a struggle keeping the garden alive in this drought this year.  But if there is one thing we do, as my wife says, we must get the tomatoes!  We’ve been watering the tomatoes once a week and they are staying quite healthy.  We are getting a fairly good harvest of a variety of fresh, ripe tomatoes as the above picture shows.

Azorean Red ripe tomatoes

One of our favorite summer time tomato recipes is what we have traditionally called Thunder-and-Lightening.  It’s a family favorite especially among the older crowd and consists of following ingredients:

  • fresh cut up tomatoes, cucumbers and onions,
  • one cup of canola oil,
  • about one half cup of white vinegar,
  • add water to desired consistency and taste (watch it–it can really bite!), and
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Mix well and store in refrigerator up to three days.  This is a snappy little side dish to go along with any summer meal.  Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite fresh tomato recipes?

Larry Braley

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