Tomato Juice

IMG_3554We finally have tomatoes! Because of the weather, we have not had a good supply of tomatoes until now. We have tomatoes pilling up on the counter! I didn’t have time to can the tomatoes so we decided to run the tomatoes through our new juicer. Take a look at this blog post to find out how to use the juicer.IMG_3553

Tomato juice is used for several things. Bottom line, tomato juice is extremely healthy! A lot of people just drink the juice straight from the jar. Another common use for tomato juice is a marinade for tough meats.  Such as: deer meat, and certain kinds of pork and beef cuts. Tomato juice is also  very well known as a “go to” in order of getting rid of bad odors. Such as: skunks and nasty frig smells. Tomato juice is one of those things that if you dont like it, you can use it for many other things.


What are some other uses you have for tomato juice.



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