What We Can Learn From the French About Food

West of Paris French food

We’ve been listening to some excellent seminar presentations by French Chef Francis Fouchachon, former owner of the West of Paris restaurant.  In this presentation, Chef Fouchachon, born, raised and educated in Lyon, has been discussing how the French view food compared to the American view of food.

When it comes to food, Chef Fouchachon believes the French “in the general grace of God, have an amazing savoir-faire, expertise and skills when it comes to the pleasures of food, the preparation, the taste, the beauty and the enjoyment of food.”

We wanted to share with you some of the key takeaways from this presentation that we thought were most significant.

  • Eating well implies buying well.

As the three most important factors in real estate are Location, Location, Location, the three most important factors in cooking are Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients!  Fresh, high-quality ingredients.  To get the best ingredients, you must buy well; you must be able to touch your food.  The best food is hand-picked through touching.  It must be touched to evaluate freshness and quality.

  • Local is the best source for fresh ingredients.

Shop at local farmers markets or stores that source from local farmers and growers.  Better yet, grow your own as much as you can.

  • Prepare and present your food in all its glory.

Apply all senses to the preparation and eating of food.  This includes using real dishes, real napkins, real glasses to eat with.  Make a beautiful presentation of the food to have the fullest enjoyment of eating.  As the French say, “a dish well-presented is half eaten.”  Include flowers on the table and soft, soothing music in the background.  Look to the colors, the shapes of the presentation!

  • Eat in season.

Fruits and vegetables picked early and transported over long distances rob our food of flavor and nutrition.  We should be eating more in the seasonal cycles God created to really appreciate their taste and enjoy them.

  • Real food tastes exceptional and adds to improved health.

The French have better health than Americans due to what and how they eat.  The French eat better more fresh foods, they eat slower and enjoy their food and eat smaller portions.  Americans can learn a lot from the French way of eating.

To learn more about Chef Fouchachon, check out the website of his now closed West of Paris restaurant.  Bon appetite!

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