Winter Firewood Cutting

Wood stove and fire wood.

It’s that time of the year again when the family works together to gather the firewood for the winter.  Cutting our own firewood can be a lot of work, but we all enjoy being in the woods in the fall and early winter.  Besides the benefit of reducing our winter heating bill, cutting our own wood is a great life lesson for the kids in diligence, responsibility and team work.

Skidding a log back to the house

Everyone pitches in to do the various chores to gather the wood.  I do the felling and limbing of the trees in our woods and then skidding the larger logs to the house with our old Farmall M tractor—what a great machine!  Olivia has started learning how to skid the logs and really enjoys learning to handle the tractor.  Skidding the larger logs to the house cuts down on much of the loading and unloading work and is a big time saver.

Theo catching a ride with Liv.

Bucking a log

I buck the smaller logs in the woods, and all the kids get in the act of collecting the wood and loading them in the old Dodge truck.  They really enjoy the ride back and forth to the house.  I buck the larger logs near the furnace, and the kids help in rolling the cut rounds to our Husky splitter where Theodore enjoys manning the splitter with his sister.

Theo the splitter man

We burn about eight to ten cords of wood each winter in our Hardy outdoor furnace.   With a twelve hour burn, our Hardy provides both heat for the house and hot water.   I load the furnace twice a day once in the morning before going to work and then again at bedtime.  I like a warm toasty house in the winter and the Hardy fits the bill.

A nice thing about the Hardy is that it will burn somewhat green wood as long as I have a good mixture of cured wood with it.  This helps when I’m a little behind in getting trees ready for the winter—which usually happens for me.

Do you enjoy cutting firewood and working with your family?  What are some ways you have made the process easier?

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